Islam, far from being a religion of one people is rather a religion of all the people united in one community of faith. It’s unity in diversity, which is full of love, peace, mutual respect...En savoir plus


  Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba’s Great Cultural Days will contribute to the opportunities offered by technologies of information and communication and gather all the appropriate means so as to bring...En savoir plus


Through these great Cultural Days of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, the International Institute for Studies and Research on Mouridism has the ambition to deepen the debate on Islam in general and on Mouridism...En savoir plus


All the religious families in Senegal and neighboring countries, the entire Murid community are invited to those cultural days that will take place in the iconic places in Senegal such as the King...En savoir plus

Ziar Hizbut Tarqiyyah auprès du Khalif général des Mourides Serigne sidy Moukhtar Mbacké le 17 novembre 2016 / 16 Safar 1438 H

1st  communication of the Moral Responsible concerning the great cultural days of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba on
15th, 16th and 17th of July 2016


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